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Becoming Unstoppable - Livestream Event Replay

Being extraordinary and unstoppable means more than not giving up. It is also about finding limitless possibilities. It means you have achieved an altered state of mind where you can seize every opportunity and understand how to make a permanent connection with the highest level of energy hidden within you. In this Livestream event Jack shows you how you can tap into your inner power and move from contemplation to action, from fearful thinking to embracing confidence, and from lack of focus to an inspired state of mind. Click here to watch...

Ask Jack – September 2013

Whenever people aren't getting the results they want in life, one or both of two situations is usually at play. First, they are likely not using the right strategies to reach their goals. The other situation has to do with the "silver bullet" mentality of many of the proponents of the Law of Attraction... the idea that you just have to tune into what you want, and then sit back and wait for it to appear. On this "Ask Jack Canfield" tele-training Jack shares ideas and strategies on how to use The Success Principles with the Law of Attraction to create real results in your life.