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Canfield E-Coach Course

Utilize 20 of The World’s Most Powerful Success Principles, All In One Place, and Broken Down Into 20 Easy-To-Apply Lessons

The Canfield E-Coach Course Makes
Mastering The Success Principles
Easier and Faster Than Ever...
It's Just Like Having Me as Your Personal Tutor!

Have you read a ton of books, listened to audio programs, and taken seminars full of great information, but still not been able to implement the information? Maybe you’re not certain where to start when it comes to making the major changes in your life you’d like to?

If the answer is yes, I think you’ll be interested in my Canfield E-Coach Course.

It’s an online program derived from my bestselling book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

These principles are so universal that they will help you achieve anything you want – whether it’s to be the top salesperson in your company, become a leading architect, score straight A’s in school, lose weight, buy your dream home, or make millions of dollars. No matter what your goal is, The Success Principles will work for you, if you work the principles.

And now you can utilize 20 of the most powerful principles, all in one place, and broken down into easy “how to apply” action steps!

By using multi-media learning modules, the Canfield E-Coach course coaches you through 20 of the most essential Success Principles, and then provides you with step-by-step action plans for implementing them in your life.

I have to tell you, I’m really excited about your potential with this program. It’s because I know that if you use and apply the lessons I’ve included in this course, your chances of success are HUGE!

Here's a sample of what we'll work on together...

  • Where to start on your journey to a more successful life (you’ll find the answer in Lesson 1).
  • How to stay focused on your goals, when everyday stresses at work and home take away your best time and energy (you’ll find the solution in Lesson 5).
  • How to prepare for an opportunity that would skyrocket your success (you could use strategies and plans we create in Lesson 9).
  • How to have fun and fulfillment in virtually everything you do (you’ll find Lesson 3 helpful).
  • How to delegate the work activities that rob you of your time... and what’s the best leverage of your time and talent (you’d find Lesson 14 helpful).
  • How you can make yourself most important when it comes to managing your money (you’ll find the answer and learn new money-management strategies in Lesson 20).
  • PLUS 14 more lessons that can easily help you catapult yourself to the pinnacle of your career... stay on track with your life’s goals... achieve more, faster... attract greater opportunity into your life... enjoy more vibrant relationships... have more free time... be more productive... build a better team at the office... and realize all your potential.

As you can see, The Canfield E-Coach online course is all encompassing, and when you complete each lesson, you’ll become a master at defining you’re life purpose, planning for success, assembling a team so others can help you, and taking action on any goal.

Every other week, you’ll have access to a new interactive lesson, step-by-step action plan for each Success Principle, video clips, audio coaching, demonstrations and additional features to help you take your life to the next level by keeping you focused on applying the information.One of the benefits of this course is that you can access it from anywhere! So, if you're on a business trip, taking a vacation, or just want to work at your local coffee shop, you can access your program from any computer that has internet access.

Here's what will be covered in Each Lesson:

  1. AN OVERVIEW of the main principle in that lesson; this is a synopsis of what the lesson will cover and why it is going to help you on your way to becoming more successful in your personal and professional life.
  2. Next we’ll go through my SUCCESS SECRETS. This is a checklist of what you will take away from this lesson in order to make this principle a permanent part of your life.
  3. Then I am going to ask you to TAKE ACTION and apply what we’ve just gone over. I’ve even provided examples of what others are doing if you feel stuck.
  4. A helpful VIDEO GUIDE provides you a personal video message from me pertaining to the current lesson. This is like having me coach you right by your side!
  5. SUCCESS IN ACTION contains an inspirational story about people who started out just like me and you, and were able to implement these very ideas, to become extremely successful.
  6. I’ve also included some of my favorite quotes. I refer to this section as WORDS OF WISDOM. It’s a quick reference and motivational tool to each particular lesson.
  7. In the next section, PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT, I’ll coach you on what to do in order to make the lesson or principle a source of success in your life. This will include writing prompts and examples for you to see how others have implemented this principle in their life.
  8. Lastly, you are going to be given some added HOMEWORK AND RESOURCES. I’ve hand picked articles and websites which are going to cement the ideas we’ve gone through in the lesson. Because I truly believe that repetition is the key to success, I ask that you review specific chapters from The Success Principles that pertain to the chapters you’re working on (again, the book is included with the course).

PLUS, to keep you on-track with the course, you’ll receive weekly email reminders to take your next lesson and complete necessary homework assignments, which will help keep you accountable and up-to-speed with the course.

Imagine six months from now, you'll have The Success Principles fresh in your mind and ready to be applied to any challenge life may send your way! Simply put, this product will help you turn your new knowledge into hard-core action!

Frankly, it’s the most comprehensive and effective online course you’ll ever find on personal success.

If you are looking to create more success in your life, whether it’s personal success, or professional success, please give Jack's E-Coach online course a try. It's easy to enroll and you can get started today! You’ll be glad you did!