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Self-Esteem & Peak Performance

Discover How to Perform at Your Optimum Best!

A program for anyone who wants to achieve high personal and professional success, Self-Esteem and Peak Performance touched over 175,000 people literally within months of being recorded.

Its easy-to-follow 10 action areas will show you exactly how to plan for your achievements… and how to start living them. Plus, you’ll learn how to remove guilt from your life, and change your limiting behavior by promoting changes in your awareness, knowledge and skill level.

You’ll discover why focusing on failure can actually weaken you physically (scientific research proves it).…and why it’s not the event that dictates the level of stress you experience, but rather, your own reaction to the event that causes real frustration. You’ll learn how to surround yourself with nurturing personalities, instead of toxic ones, for higher self-esteem…plus so much more.

Here’s just a sampling of the hundreds of esteem-enhancing concepts you’ll know once you’ve experienced this powerful, action-oriented audio program:

  • How to raise your own self-esteem by taking more responsibility for the choices you make — even the choice to say “no.”
  • Why you should always eliminate the word “try” from any statement. (The reason will surprise you.)
  • How to break the vicious cycle of negative “self talk,” and learn to fight off self-doubt whenever someone makes a negative comment about you.
  • Why the powerful Law of Replacement can virtually guarantee you’ll have higher self-esteem once you learn the accompanying techniques.
  • How incomplete “attention units” can actually keep you from achieving everything you want in life.
  • A 60-second exercise you can do every night to coax your brain into working on your success plan — while you’re asleep!
  • Why defining your vision is 90% of the battle…plus…how to keep from getting “off purpose” in meeting your goals.

This six-module audio course gives you specific tools and results-oriented activities designed to help you take on challenges and start living a richer, more fulfilling life — one that you define for yourself!